How to write an advertisement

Placing ads in advertising server is very simple.

1) Fill a title of the advertisement. Please indicate breathly what the advertisement concerns. For example: "Mercedes 190 SL 1957" and the like.

2) Choose the section. Between "other" belong stationary engines, tractors, bikes, books etc.

3) Choose the type of the advertisement. Select whether it is sale, purchase or if you want to change the item.

4) Write a text of the advertisement. Describe specifically what you want to buy or sell.

5) Upload photos. You can add up to 4 photos with the max. size 2 MB of each.

6) Choose state in which you are living.

7) Choose your language.

8) Write a price of the item and choose the currency.It is possible to use only Euro now.

9) Write your full name.

10) Write your email.

11) Write your phone number. Please use phone number in this form +49 123456789

12) Write a password for your advertisement. The password allows you to edit or delete your advertisment. For safety please use other password than you are using for emails, bank accounts etc.

13) Read General Terms and Conditions and tick that you accept it.

14) Tick the reCAPTCHA tool to avoid robots.

15) Click the button "Make new ad"

Now you add your advertisement in the advertising server.